California Sunnova PowerGrid Protect™


Sunnova Energy Corporation (“Sunnova”) and you (“you” or “You”) have entered into a Sunnova SunSafe® home solar + battery storage system or +SunSafe® add-on battery storage system with a solar lease or loan (the “Customer Agreement”). In California, Sunnova offers enrollment to customers with a Sunnova SunSafe® and/or +SunSafe® Customer Agreement in the Sunnova PowerGrid Protect™ program. The PowerGrid Protect™ program helps stabilize the local power grid from outages during peak demand periods by powering your home with energy stored in your battery or energy storage systems (“ESS”) instead of from the grid.

Should you wish to enroll in PowerGrid Protect™, you may receive a Visa Prepaid Reward Card (the “Reward”) from Sunnova in appreciation of your support of clean energy and grid stability. This Reward is in addition to any rewards you may receive from Sunnova’s PowerGrid Protect™ partners for complying with their program terms (see below for details). The terms of the Visa Prepaid Reward Card are provided at The amount of the Reward is specific to the particular PowerGrid Protect™, program for which you may be eligible and in which you enroll.

You may withdraw participation in the PowerGrid Protect™ program at any time by contacting Sunnova at 1-866-SUNNOVA and speaking with a customer service representative. It may take up to sixty (60) days to process your withdrawal. Withdrawal will not affect the other services Sunnova provides to you. By withdrawing, you may render yourself ineligible to receive any rewards that may have currently accrued but not been paid to you, or further incentives, and you may lose your right to participate in future PowerGrid Protect™ programs.
Sunnova Terms of Service for Energy Management Programs 

You agree that in order for you to participate in the available Program with PowerGrid Protect™, you will provide Sunnova with the right to remotely monitor, update, control, and cause energy to be discharged or reserved from and in the ESS without notice, for the purposes of increasing your energy savings, preparing you for potential grid outage situations and for your participation in third-party programs (including, but not limited to utility or grid programs), or otherwise participating in the management of electricity in your service area.

The rights to remote management and discharge provided herein to Sunnova are exclusive and cannot be granted by you to any additional third-party without Sunnova’s prior written consent. Any such assignment, grant, easement or permission for remote management and discharge by you to a third-party other than Sunnova without prior written consent shall be void.

Sunnova may receive compensation as a result of your participation in PowerGrid Protect™ including, but not limited to load shifting, capacity, voltage management, or any other use of the ESS energy within the parameters defined above. In exchange for the ability to control the battery and receive compensation as a result of your participation in PowerGrid Protect™ you will receive the above-stated Reward and hereby waive any and all claims to further compensation from Sunnova or any third party.

Sunnova Data Authorization Terms

You agree that you have read, understand and agree with the terms of Sunnova’s Privacy Policy as set forth on our website: You also understand that Sunnova's Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time.

You authorize Sunnova, and to the extent necessary your ESS manufacturer, Tesla, Enphase or Generac, as the case may be in connection with Sunnova, to collect, share, and exchange data related to the ESS, your energy usage and/or the System’s energy production, your electric bill, operational data about the ESS, and your location data, for purposes of registering and including the battery in programs relating to energy services operating and improving such programs, and as otherwise permitted by applicable law.