Home Solar Battery Storage Basics

Adding a home solar battery to your solar system unlocks the full potential of going solar. Storing solar energy for later use is just one of the many benefits of adding a solar battery. Reduce the electricity that you get from your utility and increase your energy independence with a solar battery.

See below to learn more about home solar battery storage basics.

How SunSafe® Solar + Battery Storage Works



Solar batteries are a great way to get the most out of your home solar system. A battery combined with a home solar system allows you to power your home around-the-clock with renewable solar energy, even when the sun is down. That means you’ll be able to draw energy from your solar storage battery at night or on cloudy days when the sun’s not shining and during grid outages. Keep the lights on, protect your family, and secure your home office during blackouts with Sunnova SunSafe®

How Long Will Your Battery Last in An Outage?

We developed a smart tool for you to determine how long the battery will last during a power outage based on what you want to power in your home.

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