How Your Tesla Powerwall and Generator Work Together


With solar + Tesla battery backup, you’ll gain major stability during a grid outage - your most necessary appliances and lights will stay on until your battery is depleted, depending on your usage.

However, if you live somewhere with long-term grid instability or frequent natural disasters, it’s important to think about a solution for full energy reliability. What if the grid is down for weeks or months?

When you add solar battery storage to your home solar system and generator, you’re setting yourself up for long-term energy independence:

  • A solar battery will allow you to use even more of your home solar system – you’ll store unused solar production in your home battery backup for later use.
  • With a solar battery, you’ll use all your solar energy before burning fuel in your generator – this is especially important when there may be long-term grid instability and a fuel shortage, like after a natural disaster.

Tesla Powerwall and Generator – Providing Backup Power in Harmony

During a short-term grid outage, your Tesla Powerwall will be your immediate form of backup power. When the grid is out, your Tesla Powerwall will power critical appliances in your home until it is depleted.

While Tesla does not make a Tesla generator you can archive the next best thing by combing a Tesla Powerwall with a home generator for sustainable power. A Tesla Powerwall generator combo provides backup power during a longer-term power outage where your Tesla Powerwall can be depleted, you may need additional backup power from your generator.

Four Steps to Long-Term Backup Power

Here’s how Tesla Powerwall will work with your generator:

  1. During a grid outage, your Tesla Powerwall will automatically turn on before your generator.
  2. If your Tesla Powerwall depletes to its minimum setting, your generator will automatically turn on.

During a long-term grid outage, once your Tesla Powerwall is out of energy, you will flip the Manual Transfer Switch to have your solar charge up your Tesla Powerwall.

  1. Your solar system and your Tesla Powerwall will not power your home while your generator is running. Instead, if the sun is up, your solar will charge your Tesla Powerwall while your generator powers your home.
  2. Once your Tesla Powerwall is fully charged, you will need to manually switch your home from your generator back to your Tesla Powerwall. It’s as simple as restarting your Tesla Powerwall.

Depending on how long the grid out, you may have to repeat this cycle. While almost everything happens automatically, the key point to remember is that every time your Tesla Powerwall is depleted, you will have to restart your Tesla Powerwall once it’s charged, that’s it!

During an extended grid outage, the more conservative you are with your energy use, the less you will have to use your generator and potentially costly fuel.

Add a Tesla Battery Backup to Your Home Solar System

Gain comfort in knowing your home will be powered with resilient, renewable solar energy, even when the grid is down. When you add our Sunnova +SunSafe® battery storage technology to your existing home solar system, you’ll be on your way to greater energy independence.