More Miles, Faster

More Miles, Faster*

Flexible for the Future

Flexible for the Future

App Connectivity

App Connectivity

Financing, Your Way

Financing, Your Way

Home Solar Plus EV Charging

At the Cutting Edge of Innovation

Sunnova offers industry-leading, vetted technology, and the 240V, Level 2 EV chargers we offer our customers perform a step above standard wall-plug options.

  • Up to 9x faster than the standard 110-volt wall outlet*
  • Integrated Mobile App
  • Universal Charging*

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Solar Energy and Battery Storage for Your Home

Solar Energy and Battery Storage for Your Home

Sunnova SunSafe® solar + battery storage service provides protection from potential rising electricity rates and increases energy resilience. Whether on or off grid, day or night, during the calm or when nature is fiercest*, you have the freedom to live life uninterrupted®.


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“Every aspect of dealing with Sunnova has been positive. Everything they promised I received, lower electric bills, no intrusion to our daily life during installation, no problems with the details. I did nothing and they handled it all, perfectly.” - Louis S.

25 years of protection*



Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home solar system and battery are covered by Sunnova Protect™, featuring maintenance, monitoring, repairs, and replacements for 25 years.

  • Zero out-of pocket costs for repairs, replacements, and labor for ALL system components, even if outside the manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Roof penetration warranty*
  • Energy guarantee*


24/7 system & account monitoring


Monitor your system’s performance at home or away using our online portal,, where you can access your production data and manage all aspects of your home solar system.

  • Performance monitoring
  • Access to production data
  • Easy account management



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