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Texas customers have the option to choose their electricity service provider. This means there are many electricity providers offering different rate plans. However, most of these plans do not buy back excess solar generation, known as a solar buyback or credit, which means you could be better off switching to a provider that does. Although sites like may list a variety of rates to choose from, it isn’t easy to find solar buyback rates. You may think you’ve chosen the best rate for your home, but after factoring in solar credits or lack thereof, that low rate may not be as low as you originally thought on a net basis. The good news is, Sunnova has done the work for you! We have analyzed solar buyback rates with leading retail electricity providers and are excited to share this information with our customers.

Depending on which retail electricity provider you choose, Solar buyback credits will appear on your monthly electricity bill or otherwise be reported back to you. If your current provider is not crediting for your excess energy produced by your solar system, you are missing out!

The plans shown here include the solar buyback rates by which you would get credited for your excess solar generation and thus receive the most value for your solar generation as a Sunnova customer.

No, solar buyback credits will come from your retail electricity provider and will not appear on your Sunnova bill. Sunnova customers are under no obligation to enroll in a plan that provides solar buyback credits.

If your electricity plan does not provide solar buyback credits, you may be missing out on the full value of the energy from your solar system. Solar buyback plans offer credits to your electricity bill for any excess energy your solar system delivers back to the grid. Without that credit, the monetary value of the excess energy would be lost. Visit the links above to learn more about these solar buyback plans.

Yes, you will still receive your monthly Sunnova bill for your solar energy service in addition to your retail electricity provider’s bill. Any solar buyback credits will appear on your retail electricity provider's bill.

No, you’ll need to be on a specific solar buyback plan to get credits for your excess solar generation. Visit the link above to find some options you can choose from.

Each retail electricity provider manages the process for how credits work. Please refer to the electricity provider’s plan details for more information.

Please refer to your current plan’s Electricity Facts Label (EFL) or contact your retail electricity provider for information on early termination fees.

A solar buyback rate is not a requirement of your Sunnova service agreement. Sunnova does not guarantee any rates provided by retail electricity providers. As a solar customer in Texas, you should check with your local utility to determine if you can participate in an active solar buyback program. If your home is in a deregulated area (delivered by Oncor, Centerpoint, AEP North, AEP Central, or Texas New Mexico Power Company (TNMP)) you may want to shop retail electricity providers to find the best rate plan for your situation or click on the links above to see certain available rate plans.

We recommend you shop retail electricity providers offers to find the one that is best for you based on electricity rates (grid power and solar buyback) and contract length. Sunnova does not guarantee any rates provided by retail electricity providers. We have collected information on offers available through select retailers at the link above. Please refer to all electricity provider’s plans for terms and conditions.

Contact your retail electricity provider to clarify how the solar buyback program you are participating in works and see if they can offer any options. If you choose to change retail electricity providers to find a plan that works better for you, please review the above solar buyback offers.

You should call the retail electric provider. Below is contact information for certain providers:

If you’re a TXU Energy Renewable Buyback customer, call 800-818-6132 and mention you have questions about your solar credits.


To contact Shell Energy Solutions,
Customer Service Line: (833) 743-5546 or 1 (877) 238-5343
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